I specialize in natural light, lifestyle (candid) wedding photography.

My photography style results from my fine art background, attention to detail, and love of interesting textures (I'm looking at you, Cream City Brick!), unique locations, and raw emotion. I like to call my editing style "that Midwest vibe"-- moody, warm, and earthy tones, with natural exposures (the amount of lightness or darkness a photo has). I also LOVE  emotional black and whites. I love to travel and can work with almost any budget for destination weddings.

From the everyday to the most important day of your life, each photo I take is a work of art as I capture your personality and story. My laid-back, yet structured approach to photography allows me keep cool under tight timelines, unique lighting situations, rowdy wedding parties, global pandemics, and everything in between.

I don't just show up and take some pictures.

I show up and put 110% effort into making sure you have the best experience on your wedding day. I spend time getting to know you, and your story months before your wedding. I work to create lasting images that reflect your day, and you as a couple. I direct you if you're uncomfortable in front of the camera. I help put in your veil and pin boutonnieres. I hold your dress over puddles. I keep us on track with our timeline. I drive your parents to the ceremony if their cab doesn't arrive.  I laugh with you and tear up with you.  I freak out over your dog's adorable wedding bow tie with you. I capture the moments and details you don't see.

I take your story and make it into art.

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