Wedding Timeline Guide

How much time do you need for our photos?

Below are estimated timing recommendations. More time is always preferred in case things are running behind, and so you do not feel rushed through your day.

Preparation Shots:
60 minutes +  Ideally, I would have at least 30 minutes with each side of the wedding party. 

Family Formals:
30 -45 minutes. Have an idea of the close family members you wish to have formal photos with, immediately following the ceremony.  Extended family and friend shots recommended  at the reception/dance.

Wedding Party & Couple:
60 - 90 minutes  This is where we take the wedding party out for some fun and informal directed photos. These are typically done outside. Ideally, I would have 30-45 minutes with the wedding party and at least 30-45  minutes with the couple. More time will be needed if traveling to a different location, or for large or rowdy wedding parties.
Note: Not attending [part of] the cocktail hour can extend your time for the fun wedding party photos after the ceremony! Having wedding party or “first look” photos before the ceremony is nice for someone looking to shorten the time between the ceremony and reception. PS. I love first looks and always recommend doing one!

What if we go over the contracted amount of time?

I understand that not everything goes as planned during a wedding.  I will ask you near the end of your contract time, whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like me to stay, additional time can be purchased a la carte per 30 minutes or per hour.

We’d like to add on a 2nd photographer!

Please let me know ASAP so I can make sure my 2nd shooter is available!

I saw this photo on Pinterest! Can we do a photo like that at my wedding?

Please understand that each wedding is special and different. Your amazing wedding will have its own unique candid moments, emotions, lighting, energy and feel. I will work to the best of my ability to create images that reflect you as a couple and your day, while staying consistent with my artistic style. I cannot guarantee a specific shot or photo. Please let me know ahead of time of any special family members or details that I should keep an eye out for.

Sample Timelines

*Please remember these are samples timelines based on 8 hours of coverage. Your our timeline will be customized for your special day. Don’t forget to account for travel time and traffic or downtown parking. Please connect with me if you need any help or have questions!

The Old School Traditional

12:30pm Getting Ready Photos

1:30pm Guests arrive

2pm Traditional Ceremony (45 minutes)

3pm Family Formals (30 -45 minutes immediate family)

3:45pm Head to photo location

4pm Wedding Party & Couple Photos (60 minutes +)

5pm Cocktail Hour Begins

5:30pm Couple Arrives to Reception (Party on, Wayne!)

6pm Dinner

6:30 Toasts

7:30pm Dessert

8pm First Dance

The First Look 

12pm Getting Ready Photos

1:15pm First Look 

1:30 pm Couple & Wedding Party Photos (60 minutes)

2:30pm Immediate Family photos (30-45 minutes, these could also be done during cocktail hour)

3:15pm Done with all directed photos, relax before the ceremony (Party on, Garth!)

4pm Short and Sweet Ceremony (20-30 minutes)

4:30 Cocktail Hour

5:30pm Dinner

6:00 Toasts

7:00pm Dessert

7:30pm First Dance

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