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    2018 Highlights

    I was honored to photographed 14 beautiful weddings 


    New hair, new decade– Peace out red hair, hello 30!


    Top Posts- The posts YOU love


    2018 Travel- Kayaking with manatees in Florida, hiking the deserts of Arizona, braving the rain for my 30th in Seattle

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    Kelly and Mike’s Brewery Wedding– Pabst Best Place,...

    Kelly and Mike’s Brewery Wedding– Pabst Best Place, Milwaukee, WI

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    Kelsey and Tre’s Boho Barn Wedding– Grandma’s Cottage,...

    Kelsey and Tre’s Boho Barn Wedding– Grandma’s Cottage, Muskego, WI

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    10 Real Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

    You’ve looked through portfolio after portfolio of photographers and finally found one with a style you love…now what? How do you make sure they are “the one”? It’s tough to know where to start and what questions to ask. As a professional wedding photographer I’ve been asked almost every question you can think of. Everything from “What will you wear to my wedding?” (all black, all the time!) to “What kind of camera do you have?” (a very expensive one, but that doesn’t make a good photographer!). I’ve put together a list of 10 questions to ask your photographer so you both can make sure it’s a perfect match and ensure everyone is on the same page.

    10. What does the photography package include?

    Okay, okay, this question is probably on every blog ever, but this is SO important. As a client you want to make sure you know exactly what comes in your package BEFORE signing your contract so there are no surprises later. “Does our package include high-resolution images? If so, how many? When will we receive our photos? Is the print release a separate fee? Can I order a coffee mug with my maid of honor’s face on it?” All important things to know. Also talk to your photographer about post-production. “Do I get to choose the editing style, color or black and white? Will the photographer edit out that blemish that popped up overnight?

    9. What communication do we have prior to our wedding day?

    Communication is key. Will you have direct access to your photographer leading up to the wedding day to ask questions, get clarification, ask their opinion on timeline, etc.? Will you be meeting with them again before the big day?

    8. Do you have an opinion on the timeline?

    Probably, yes! Having a good timeline for your day is essential to making sure your photographer can get all the photos you’re looking for. Check with your photographer if they have a preference on how much time they need for certain photos like wedding party and family. We also love to check over timelines to make sure part of the day isn’t missed. For example, if you told us you wanted candid photos during cocktail hour, but your coordinator scheduled family photos to be during that time we want to know so we can work something out in advance of your day.

    7. What will we do if it rains/snows/tornadoes?

    Real talk–If it were up to the photographer, we’d probably go out in a tornado because the shots would be AWESOME, but we understand you paid a lot for your outfits and hair; and probably don’t want your new spouse to blow away in a tornado. Let your photographer know what you are up for and they can help you get the photos you’re looking for.  If you’re down for some rainy day shots, who is bringing the umbrellas for everyone? Or if you’d prefer to stay dry, where is that backup location? Is there anywhere nearby that is covered, or an indoor location?

    6. What are the typical photos you take throughout the day?

    Your photographer probably works from a mental shot list throughout the day. Understand what that looks like and what photos they’ll be capturing throughout the day. Understand the photographer’s style and process. Let them know if there’s any unique moments or detail you want them to be aware of prior to the wedding day. It’s also alright to ask to see a gallery of a full wedding to have an idea of what to expect post wedding.

    5. When, where, and what would you like to eat?

    Aside from the wedding party and some family members, the vendors are the rockstars that will put in the most hours on the day of a wedding. Ask your photographer and other vendors about their dinner preferences, dietary restrictions, and where we’d like to sit. Many vendors will opt out of sitting at a table with your guests, so a vendor table or a small room nearby is often reserved. Most times, it’s best for the photographer to eat at the same time the couple is eating. Soon after everyone is served speeches typically begin and we’ll be back to taking capturing those moments.

    4. Have you shot at my venue before?

    If they answer is “No.”, THIS IS NOT A DEAL-BREAKER. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DEAL-BREAKER. There are so many great venues and it’s virtually impossible to have shot at each one in your area, especially if you live in a larger city. A great professional photographer will have the skill and lighting equipment to work in any lighting situation or venue. Just double check to make sure they do. If your photographer has worked at your venue previously, they may already know a bunch of great spots for taking photos. If your photographer is from out of town, or hasn’t shot at that venue before, see if they’ll be scoping out shooting locations ahead of time. They may want you to text them some photos next time you visit your venue so they can plan ahead for photo locations.  

    3. What do you need from me?

    It’s important to specify which responsibilities fall on the photographer and which ones fall on you, the client. See if there’s anything photographer needs from you in advance to make the day flow smoothly. They may ask for a timeline breakdown, list of family members, or someone to help round up the wedding party when they run off to the bar. Your photographer also may require you or your coordinator to arrange photography or parking permits if your venue/photo location requires them. As mentioned in #4, if your photographer is unfamiliar with the area of your wedding, or you’re having a destination wedding, you may need to do some “scoping” for locations for photos in advance.

    2. How do you “get the shot”?

    You’ve probably already viewed a photographer’s portfolio and decided you like the final image that’s on their site. A photograph is worth a thousand words, but what a photographer’s portfolio might not show is HOW they “got the shot”. What happens behind the camera? Are they energetic, or assertive? Does your photographer give direction with posing or do they wait for those candid moments to happen? How does your photographer make your feel comfortable in front of the camera? Will they round up rowdy groomsmen when needed? Are they going to ask you to climb a mountain or go outside in the cold to get the shot?   Make sure you feel comfortable with your photographers creative process.

    1.Tell me about yourself.

    Liking your photographer’s personality is just as important as liking your photographer’s style. Communicating what you’re looking for in your photographer, and understanding what your photographer is looking for in a client is the best way to determine if it’s a perfect match. That connection is one of the most important parts of finding the photographer for your big day. When you vibe with your photographer, your personalities get along, and you have the same expectations/goals, your photos and experience will be incredible. When the connection is real, you can see it in the photos.

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    Cori & Paul 9/2/17Gardens of Woodstock, Woodstock IL

    Cori & Paul 9/2/17

    Gardens of Woodstock, Woodstock IL

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